Choosing the Best Hydraulic Hose for Your Needs
yellow Hydraulic Hose

Have you been searching for the best hydraulic supplies? Need a new hydraulic hose with fittings to get your machinery back up and running efficiently? There are many suppliers of hydraulic fittings but not many of them can offer expert advice on the right products for you. Holdfast Fluid Power provides exceptional service, backed up with reputable brands that deliver reliability and performance. We understand that the wrong hoses for your industrial needs can cause damage and downtime, significantly impacting your bottom line. Here we will look at a few things to consider when purchasing new hydraulic hoses.

Pressure Rating

It’s vital to choose a hose with a maximum working pressure rating that is at or is above the normal maximum hydraulic system pressure. Not only should you consider the regular pressures under which you will need your hose to operate, but you will also need to consider potential spikes in pressure that occur during operation, as well as how the pressure may be affected by external temperatures and the surrounding environment.


The outer layer (cover) of a hydraulic hose is available in a vast array of materials to suit all working conditions. The material you choose will be dependent on several factors including the amount of flexibility you need, whether you need corrosion and chemical resistance, the ability to handle extreme temperatures or a combination of all of these.

Diameter and Length

Using a hose with the correct inside diameter is essential. If the diameter is too small, it can impact the flow rate and the linear velocity will be too high – this can result in friction and turbulence, leading to higher system pressure and heat. The length must also be carefully considered. The right length should allow for bending and flexing as a machine moves, and make sure that no stress is caused to the crimped fittings.

Other Considerations

As well as taking into consideration the environmental factors of temperature and pressure, it’s also important to think about exposure to UV rays, and potential contact with oils, acids, or abrasive materials. It’s also important to consider:

  • What kind of fluid will travel through the hose?
  • What will your flow requirements be?
  • How flexible you need the hoses to be?

Maximising the Lifespan of Hydraulic Hoses

Always use the right hose for the job and they will last longer and perform better. Routine maintenance and checks of your hoses will be sure to help extend their life and will alert you to any minor issues before they become large, expensive problems. A quick and efficient hydraulic hose repair can prolong it’s life and give you sufficient time to source new appropriate replacement hoses. Contact a professional hydraulic repair servicesuch as Holdfast Fluid Power for expert advice and affordable service.

For All Your Hydraulic Hose Needs, Holdfast Fluid Power is Here to Help

If you have any questions regarding hydraulic hoses, call our team today on 1300 HOLDFAST or enquire online now. As one of Western Australia’s most knowledgeable providers of hydraulic hose supply, installation and maintenance, we can help with cost-effective, tailored solutions for all your unique hydraulic requirements. Get in touch with us today.