Industrial Grade Hydraulic Cylinder


Agriculture, Mining, Engineering. Transport and Body Builders Industrial Grade Cylinders.

HOLDFAST offers the most affordable solution for your cylinder needs. Manufactured from high quality components; they will provide years of trouble free operation.

Dantal Hydraulics has been established since 1990 and today is the preferred supplier to many global OEM’s.

Dantal hydraulic cylinders clevis are machined from one solid piece of steel for reliability and durability as opposed to forged. The rod material is toughened with induction hardening and is chromed up to 30 microns for superior corrosion resistance.

All our industrial grade cylinders feature 4 ports for easy access when it comes to machine installation.

Truck Trailer Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders
Truck Trailer Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders

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Design Specifications


Dantal hydraulic cylinders exceed your demands in the harshest environments. From construction, and agriculture to transportation; our cylinder clevises are machined from one piece of steel, out lasting the forged products on the market.

Dantal Agriculture and Industrial Cylinders

When the job requires reliability and durability, Dantal hydraulic cylinders steps up to the task. Using double acting K-DAS piston seals providing positive displacement under all pressure situations, it can handle a working pressure of 3145 PSI (210 Bar).

Industrial Ag Cylinder
Industrial Ag Cylinder

All Industrial Grade Hydraulic Cylinder come with:

  • Double acting with fork clevis ends
  • 4 Ports in cylinder for east access
  • Seamless steel tube accurately honed for smooth operation and extended seal life
  • Heavy duty 5 piece pressure seal
  • Single and double acting operation for high flexibility

Dantal Industrial Grade Cylinder


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