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It’s Why We’re Your Local Choice for Industrial Fluid Solutions.

Holdfast Fluid Power is one of Australia’s leading Continental hose suppliers. Known for their top functionality and long service life, Continental industrial hoses meet national and international standards and individual customer specifications.

Choose Continental Hydraulic Hose Fittings for the Safe and Efficient Operation of a Huge Range of Machinery, Valves and Tools

Continental is a world leader in industrial rubber and plastic products and has the largest global footprint of any rubber products manufacturer. Given the high pressure that hydraulic systems operate at, it’s critical that hydraulic hoses are reinforced and in many cases, constructed with several layers of reinforcement while retaining a level of flexibility that allows for the safe continued operation of machinery.

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Exceeding Hydraulic Hose Standards

Continental hydraulic hose and fittings exceed your demands in the harshest environments. From construction, oil and gas, mining and manufacturing to transportation; our designers and engineers constantly bring new innovations to the field.

Extended Life™ span XR16SC High-Pressure Hose

When the job requires tight bends, flexibility and abrasion resistance, this high-pressure service hose steps up to the task. Using a nitrile inner tube and two-wire, high-tensile steel reinforcement, it can handle 5,800 psi (31 MPa) flows of petroleum- and water-based hydraulic fluids.

XR16SC High-Pressure Hose

All XR16SC sizes use B2 series fittings.

Continental Hose Range


Trusted Continental Hose Distributors

We are proud to be one of Western Australia’s most knowledgeable providers of Continental rubber hose supply, install and maintenance. Committed to high quality workmanship, service and the supply of innovative solutions, we have fast become the leading Continental hose distributors in WA. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to deliver the most advanced and highest-quality products on the market. Plus, our extensive problem-solving experience across multiple industries and applications enables us to share innovations over our entire product offering. Which means we can deliver unexpected solutions and advanced improvements in situations where others can’t.

We stock the Continental range of hoses and fittings, designed to exceed the toughest of conditions and are suitable for use in:

  • construction
  • oil and gas
  • mining
  • marine
  • manufacturing
  • transportation

Engineering advances have meant that Continental hose fittings can be used safely in extreme temperature, pressure and abrasion situations. Browse the Continental hydraulic hose catalogue now.

Learn More About Continental Industrial Hoses Today

At Holdfast Fluid Power, we push the boundaries of what’s possible, and we’re constantly solving tomorrow’s most challenging problems—today and every day. For expert advice or to find out more about our range of services, including hydraulic hose maintenance & servicing or other hydraulic supplies, get in touch with our team online or by calling 1300 HOLDFAST.