Hydraulic Hose Maintenance & Servicing


hose-maintenance-servicingHoldfast qualified technicians specialise in hydraulic and industrial hose assembly, pressure testing and hose audits to ensure safe and productive plant operation.

With hoses and fixtures being exposed regularly to extreme temperature conditions, rapid pressure changes and mishandling, scheduled servicing is crucial to preventing costly emergency repairs and production downtime.

There are many benefits to regular hydraulic hose maintenance and servicing including:

  • Minimising safety hazards, reducing risk of injury or death
  • Increased efficiency & reduced downtime, lowering plant operating costs
  • Reduced environmental impact through machinery operation

Our maintenance services aim to identify component weakness before failure and provide tailored solutions with quality component selection to prevent future breakdowns.

Our qualified technicians are knowledgeable of the latest industry training to guarantee all installation techniques meet manufacturer service guidelines, enhancing machinery life expectancy and reducing your future repair costs.

Additionally, our Holdfast workshop facilities in Perth, Broome and Naval Base allow us to provide custom hydraulic solutions for new system manufacture and assembly or hydraulic component repairs.

Equipped with the latest hydraulic manufacturing equipment, our workshops allow quick turnaround times and the ability to meet any unique component requirements.

With a team of experienced technicians and a fleet of mobile service vehicles available 24/7, Holdfast can provide a fast and reliable servicing solution for you.

To find out how Holdfast can tailor a maintenance and servicing program for your equipment and plant, please contact our friendly team either by calling 1300HOLDFAST or complete the service form to the right.

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