Auto Lubrication

Our Auto-Lube team can assist you with your new install, fault diagnostics, repairs or commissioning of your existing system.
holdfast-auto-lubricationAt Holdfast Fluid Power we specialise in all your auto lubrication needs for both fixed and mobile plant equipment with technicians available for installation, testing, fault diagnose, repairs and commissioning of old systems.

At Holdfast, we pride ourselves on providing systems that allow you to work smarter and improve productivity by using the latest in pumps, metering devices, power source and fluid types for the task at hand.

Our knowledgeable staff can tailor an auto lubrication system for any unique application with experience in providing solutions for many WA industries. We can tailor systems to accommodate frequent temperature changes, alternating fluid types and any other challenging installation requirements.

At Holdfast we can provide electric, hydraulic or pneumatic powered solutions with the use of quality pumps and components from Graco, Macnaught and Lincoln Auto Lubrication.

Our qualified technicians are always up to date on the latest auto lubrication technology, offering superior install techniques and the latest in control and monitoring solutions.

This ensures long term performance, improves equipment reliability and extends machinery life no matter the duration and intensity of your operation schedules.

Holdfast also offers repairs for existing grease and oil pumps, delivering quick turnaround times to reduce machinery downtime and improve ongoing equipment performance.

With access to a wide range of the latest in auto lubrication components, our qualified Holdfast technicians are ready to recommend a tailored solutions for any industry.

Contact our team online or call us on 1300 HOLDFAST to discuss all your auto lubrication needs.

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