How to Recognise if Your Hydraulic Pump is Failing?
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In a hydraulic system, the pump is one of the most likely components to suffer wear and tear, and the element most likely to cause a failure in the system. From increased noise and heat to reduced efficiency, there are a few tell-tale signs that your hydraulic pump is on the way out. With proper maintenance, most hydraulic pumps will continue to operate seamlessly for years, however, the pressure inside these devices eventually takes its toll. Holdfast Fluid Power is the trusted choice for pump supplies in WA. Read on to discover a few signs that your pump may need repairs or replacement.

Strange Sounds

Most hydraulic pumps are designed to operate quietly, so any unusual noises may be a sign that parts are wearing down and seals may be deteriorating. Banging or clunking sounds may indicate air in the system or cavitation caused by insufficient pressure, this can cause a serious malfunction if not corrected promptly.

Hydraulic Fluid Leaks

Many hydraulic leaks occur inside the system and are therefore undetectable. However, decreased performance and sudden drops in pressure are both good indicators that there is a leak. Occasionally, there may be an external leak, this is much easier to detect as you will notice oil or fluid around the outside of the pump. Sometimes, tightening or replacing a valve or seal may be all that’s needed to rectify the problem, but if the leak is extensive the pump may need to be replaced before it causes a complete system failure.


A hydraulic system that overheats generally has an issue. Whether it’s a build-up of dirt and debris or another reason causing the issue, a pump that cannot dissipate heat will cause the fluid temperature to rise. Hot fluid can weaken seals and deteriorate the whole system.

Declining Efficiency

A major sign of increased internal friction or general wear and tear is a decline in performance and efficiency. Inefficient parts draw more power and increase the running costs of your operation; however, it is also a warning sign regarding the health of your hydraulic pumps and motors. Slowing hydraulic actuators and loss of torque are both symptoms of decreasing efficiency that may eventually to a failure of your hydraulic equipment.

Monitoring your hydraulic system and paying close attention to any warning signs that something isn’t right will allow you to rectify small issues before they become major problems that require expensive repairs. Regular servicing and maintenance will help to maximise performance and efficiency now and in the long term.

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