Fluid Transfer Systems
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At Holdfast Fluid Power we have a wide range of fluid transfer systems to suit all industry applications.

Our specialist team have the expertise to design bulk fluid transfer solutions specific to your requirements for any fuel, oil or other fluid.

Our technicians specialise in the supply, install and service of Graco, Macnaught & Alemlube components including fluid dispensing guns & nozzles, hoses, meters and a range of power options for hydraulic, pneumatic or electric hose reels & pumps.

Holdfast supply, assemble and install only quality components from Banlaw, Flomax and Fastfill which ensures reliability and performance.

Our technicians can always find a solution to your problem with access to a wide range of the latest innovative fluid transfer components including nozzles, receivers, vents and tank accessories.

Additionally we offer industry leading Hydau-Flo non pressurised fuel filling valve systems which removes the risk of overfilling, spillage and tank rupture as commonly seen in conventional liquid filling.

Using Hydrau-Flo mechanical valves as a fast fill system offers a clean and reliable fuel transfer and minimises expensive fuel spillages reducing environmental impact and safety hazards.

Our Holdfast technicians can also handle all your onsite material dispensing requirements specialising in workshop lube bay installs.

Our tailored material dispensing systems are designed to meet your performance requirements with innovative components and metering systems aimed to enhance ease of use and reduce your maintenance requirements.

With a range of pumps, couplers, valves, pressurised and non pressurised refilling systems, flow meters & hose reels, we have the right product for you no matter the industry or use.